Home Again

I was able to spend a week with our youth group at Summer Camp. We went to Snowbird in Andrews NC. It is a beautiful camp. I enjoyed my time there with some of our kids. Our first day was pretty relaxing. We did an introduction to the camp, then had free time to unpack. Went to dinner and then had evening service with Brody. What an amazing speaker he is.
Tuesday was our first off campous Recreation day. I went with the kids to Deep Creek Tubing.
It was pretty fun, except falling off my tube in the waterfall. Then I slid down the rocks because the water was pushing so fast. I came back with a lot of new bruises.
Wednesday was our Missions day, we were able to go visit at a local Nursing home. We talked with many of the people there and also was able to play Bingo with them. I really enjoyed talking to them. Some of my favorite people there was Mary and Dennis, or as he called himself, Deneese.Such sweet people. :)
Thursday we went White Water Rafting down the Nanahali River. The water was only 45*. It was so cold. But if you said the words, cold, freezing, you were sure to be thrown in the water. Luckily we made it down the 3 hour ride without anyone falling out... BUT! We did have a few get pulled out. LOL!
Friday was our on campus day, which was pretty easy going. They offer a lot of fun things to do on campus as well. Bob, (my husband) went on the zipline as well as a lot of the kids. :) I have posted a lot of pictures on my facebook page, with many more to come.

Here is a picture of one of the views we had while we were there. Such a beautiful place. I miss being there. But I sure do like sleeping in my own bed again.

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Joansie said...

Sounds like a really fun time. Cold water....I would have taken that about 10 days ago.