Last Day of Summer Vacation

I have a lot of odd skeins of yarn. And I really need a large blanket to put on my bed for when it is cold outside. So I am making a Monster Scrappy Granny Stripe afghan. I am using a size I hook and started out with a chain of 231. It measures 94.5 inches acroos. It fits my bed with plenty of over hang on both sides. Which is exactly what I was wanting. I have a feeling this one is going to take me awhile to make. LOL! Especially since I also have those two ripple afghans I am working on. With these 3 large projects, plus another one, I will show you later in this post; I should be kept plenty busy.

 With this afghan I started out with a color named Cafe. It is a really pretty brown. The second color is winter white, and the third color is Claret. I am not sure what color will be next. I will just grab a light color out of the box when I am ready.

Here is my birthday present from my husband. We went to a local shop here in town that sells a lot of Antiques. This Dresser was built by Atlas Furniture Company, Jamestowne New York in the 1920's. It also has a Mirror that sits on top of it. I am cleaning it up right now. But will soon be moving it to my bedroom. I will share more pictures of it when it is all put together. :)

And as promised....... Here is the other project I am working on. I wasn't actully planning to do this one. But a good friend asked if I would test out her new pattern. So of course, I said yes. So my plan for this one is to use the leftovers from the monster afghan posted above.  Since I want to end the colors at the end of each row and not somewhere in the middle, I knew I would have small balls of yarn left. So instead of hanging onto them... I will use them in this. :) For this round ripple, I will use the color untill I run out and just add the next color. So I am sure its going to be quite unique. :)

 Here is Mr Sean enjoying a slice of pizza..... Summer vacation ends today, and they go back to school tomorrow.  And tomorrow is going to be a bit of a rough day for them. LOL! They have been sleeping in all summer long... And now, they have to be up at 6am.. Although Kyra has decided she needs to get up at 5am. Good thing she has her own alarm clock. Because I plan to sleep untill 6. Both of them are actully looking forward to the start of school. And I am as well. I am ready to get back to the normal everyday schedule.
 Have a great evening everyone :)


Jennie said...

You have so many projects going at once! I'm the same way, though :) Lucky all of you to have school starting- in VA the kids don't start til after Labor Day, so my girl's first full day of junior kindergarten won't be until Sept. 10th!

Real Life Reslers said...

Love your new dresser. My mom has some kind of music thing that is very much the same style. I don't remember what it's called but it plays really thick record looking things.

Joansie said...

Love the bureau. Please do post a picture of it with the mirror once you are done cleaning it up.

The kids must be good students if they are looking forward to returning to school :>)