A TaDahhh !!! Crazy Hats! Pink, brown..... Owls!!!!!

  I have 2 new finished projects to share with you! Yay!!! I had to take a break from the afghans. So I picked up some quick and easy projects to work on. :) I made my daughter a new hat and she loves it allready. She hasn't even taken it off yet. :) This hat is an original design by Danyel Pink of Crazysocks crochet. You can find the pattern here.  The pattern is well written and easy to understand.  For Kyra's hat; I did leave out the eyes and beak. She just wanted it plain in the pink and brown. :)

  Just a few more pictures to share of Kyra's new hat :)

  And yes! I did mention Owls!! This pattern is originally an owl hat pattern. My first one was made following the pattern completly. And here it is!! Sooo cute. I know that I will be making some more of these cute hats.

Since this hat was made for a baby, I do not have a model for it.  This one will be traveling to Ak where my nephew lives. He was born this past Feb. Since it gets really cold in Ak, I think he will get a lot of use of this hat.

 Ok, I am off and running.... Or crocheting..... My husband should be home soon and we will be going out later to celebrate my birthday..... Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Joansie said...

Sweet hat! It put a smile on my face.

Real Life Reslers said...

Cute hat and Happy Birthday!

freshpursuit said...