Playing with color

A little butterfly came out to play in the backyard yesterday. :) Poor little guy is missing part of one of his wings.
He is hanging out on one of our birdfeeders :)

While I was out, I took another picture of one of our trees. I just love the color in this tree. :)
And now that the baby afghan is finshed and ready to give,I can work with some colors. I pulled out one of my ripples to work on again. I love the fun and bright colors in this one. I havn't had much time to add too many rows to it yet. And its looking like we will have a really busy weekend. We have a "Hello 7th graders and Goodbye Seniors" party today. We have 2 youth that graduated this year and will be leaving for College this coming week. One of them is heading all the way to Texas.
Here is another picture to show you the full view of how the striping pattern is working out. :)

And just for fun, I made a bunch of colorful African Flower motifs. If you are on Ravelry, you can find the pattern here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)


Posy Linda said...

Hi Melissa, those african violets are smashing. Love the variegated thread too.

Joansie said...

Love the color scheme of the ripple. There's something about that pattern that is soothing to crochet.

Emily said...

Love your color choice for the African Flowers!