Quietly Moving forward

Sitting here listening to the Thunder quietly rumbeling. I can here it out there softly in the distance. But yet, when I look outside it looks cloudy and sunny. We had a pretty bad storm really late last night, or early this morning depending on how you look at it. (was 3:30 am) It sounded like the Thunder was banging on the roof of our house. And you could here the lightening sizzle as it struck out in the night/early morning sky.
  And here again you can see the cloudy/sunny skies. But it sounds like the Thunder is moving a little bit closer. I do wish the rain would arrive. I love listening to the rain drops splash on the roof top.

  Just sharing a few pictures from our front lawn. For my friends that don't know, we bought a new house last Oct. Was such a fun and exciting time for us. We have been enjoying it very much. We waited this year to decide on what type of yard work improvments we would like to make. As the previous owner obviously liked flowers. So we wanted to figure out what we had. So looks like next spring will be a fun time of working outside and making some changes.

And here it is. A crumpeled mess.... LOL! I just kind of dropped the afghan and took a picture just for the fun of it. :) I have only added about 4 rows since the last time I posted a picture of it.

And here it is spread out to show you the pattern of the colors. :)  It is 62 inches wide and currently 29 inches in length. I am thinking about making it around 70-72 inches in length.

  Have a wonderful evening everyone. :)

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Posy Linda said...

We just had a heck of a storm here a little while ago. There is water everywhere. I hope you will post about the yard in the future. It will be fun to see what you all do with this blank canvas.