The Race is on :)

I have a friend who is going to have a baby in Oct. They are having a boy and this is their first baby. I started working on a baby blanket for them last night. I had meant to get started on it earlier, but had been busy working on other projects. Now, I am running out of time. The baby shower is on Aug 22nd. So I only have 20 days to get this done. Here is a link to the pattern that I am using for this blanket. I am not sure if I will follow the pattern exactly. I am thinking about changing the edging up some from what she has.

Here is a close up to show you the stitches. I am using Hobby Lobbys, I Love This Yarn for this afghan. It is really soft, and seems to hold up pretty good. The color is "Ivory".

 Here is the Bold and Bright Ripple. I have not put much time into recently.

 And here is the other Ripple. I did add a few more rows to it since the last time I posted about it.I am over halfway done on this one now.

We had a pretty busy weekend this past weekend. The kids had movie night at church on Sat. They watched 2 movies and had pizza. Our Youth Pastor tends to keep the kids quite active. :) The little kids will be going to the Zoo on Wednesday. 


Joansie said...

I bet you will get the baby blanket done with time to spare. If not, there's always that promissory note!!!

Lisa/Atlanta said...

I too love this baby blanket pattern. Made my 2nd one last week. I too use ILTY from Hobby Lobby. The pattern works up quick. I'd say it took about two weeks total to make. You should finish in plenty of time for the October baby. One modification I made was - to accomodate the ribbon size, I did a triple crochet post instead of DC. This worked perfectly. Best of luck with your deadline. You will find this is your go-to pattern for a baby blanket.

The Oxford Family said...

Love it! Just set a goal of XX rows per day and I know you'll make it!

Hazel said...

Lovely baby blanket and the ripple is coming on a treat. x

Emily said...

Ripples looking great! Its so addictive!