Busy Weekend and a Rainy day :)

                        This is the only project I worked on this weekend. We were  busy all weekend.
This is the Lyn hat by Danyel Pink. I tested the pattern out for her. It is really cute and has some nice texture to it.  And the pattern was easy to understand and follow. I made this hat in a color called Frsoty Green. It is a really pretty color in person. :)  I think I will be making several more of these.

                        This weekedn was a busy one for us. Bob and I were chaperones for our Youth Group at Carowinds Theme Park.  We each had a group of 5 teenagers. And with a lot of rides to choose from- well it was just crazy running all over the place. And, it was hot on top of that.
 And then on Sunday, we had Youth after church at our house. So we had a large group of teens over along with several parents. :) It was a lot of fun having everyone over. :)
   We finally received some rain. It rained all day yesterday. And with that system coming in, I was finally able to turn the air off. I have the windows open and letting all the fresh air in. :) Love this time of year.
  I have done some more work on the Monster Scrappy; so I should have some new pictures to share tomorrow. I am really liking this one a lot. I can't wait to get it finished and put it on my bed.

       Have a great day everyone


Clara said...

Love the hat and can't wait to see the finished Monster Scrappy.

crazymotheringchick said...

The hat is nice. I really like the color, too.

Real Life Reslers said...

The hat is so cute! It has been forever since I have been to a theme park; I hope you had fun. You churn the projects out so fast! I hope to be able to do that one day.

Joansie said...

Pretty hat! Please send some of your energy my way...lol.