WIP Wednesday

                      A finished project!!!!                                         
                                    Another Lyn hat. See previous post to get a link to the pattern for purchase.
                                   My not so little girl modeled this one for me. :)     I made this one in two shades of purple

                                          Ms Kyra has decided she makes a pretty good model. :)

Here it is!!!! The monster Scrappy. 
No, not finished yet. But I have made some good progress on it.
And I have added to it since this picture. The color I added after the purple is Aran.
I really love this blanket. And now that I am just a bit beyond the half way point, it looks like I will finish it someday. LOL!
I have put both of my other afghan projects away for now. I am really wanting to get this one done.
The weather is getting cooler finally; so it would be nice to have this on the bed. :)


Yesterday was a beautiful day! So glad to be able to finally have the house open and letting in the fresh air. :)
Today, we are getting some more rain. The rain is much needed, so this is a good thing.

And here are a couple of photos from Kyra's softball game last night. She hit a double on this one. Yay!
They didn't win the game, but the girls played well.


Marie Anne said...

We finally got a bit of rain here for two days so things are much better, although now it's cold and damp. Can't win!

Still loving that blanket. Thanks for popping in on WIP Wednesday!

Susie M said...

Cute hat and cute model! Love your scrappy blanket. I don't have the patience to do one, I'm one of those "I need instant gratification" projects person but love the idea. Cooler here too, got down to 46 degrees last night.

Ms. Diva said...

I would love some rain!! We have been sweltering here in SoCal!! I finished a cell phone carrier but forgot to take pictures of it before it went to its new home!!!

Marsha S said...

you are reminding that my 2 youngest daughters have requested that I make hats for them for Christmas.

Clara said...

Another cute hat.

crazymotheringchick said...

What a cute hat. The Granny Stripe is looking good, too. Mine is also about halfway done. I haven't worked on it this past week, been doing little projects. I'm gonna work on it some more tonight, though.

Your daughter is adorable. I love softball.

glor said...

Love the hat, especially the colors, and of course, the very cute model you have! The scrap blanket is coming beautifully ... I want one!

The Oxford Family said...

CUTE purple hat!

Joansie said...

Love that afghan. Isn't it great to crochet one when the weather gets cooler. Keeps the lap warm. Your daughter is lovely.

Leanne said...

thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog! And WOW what an amazing amount of crochet! I am jealous!! KLoving the ripples blanket xx