Fall ?

Can you see the small touches of color in the tree? Fall officially starts at 11:09 pm Wednesday.
But it sure dosn't feel like it here. Atleast not during the day. We are still hitting the low 90's. Was 93 out yesterday. And we are close to hitting a record here. The record was 88 days at 90 or above during the summer. Right now we are sitting at 82 days.  We shall see what happens..
I am really hoping for a cool down soon. I am really ready for Fall.

A couple more pictures of the trees. I don't think you can really see any of the touches of color in these last two.

I have been working on some new dishcloths. Here is what I have finished so far. Can you tell I have been thinking about fall? :) The dishcloths are done using my own design. The colors are Country Red, Sunburst Orange, Gold, Jute and Celery.

And here are some coasters I finished also. These are made from my own design as well.
The colors I used for these are Lilac and Tangerine.

Have a great day everyone!!!


Jennie said...

I'm not seeing much fall around here either- in the trees anyway. I love the colors you've used for your dishcloths and coasters- they are truly gorgeous!!

GABY said...

104 !!! here yesterday(NW Alabama)

Sonja said...

Your dishcloths and coasters look sooo lovely. I'm ready for fall. Time to cozy in with yarn. Yay!

Hazel said...

Beautiful pics. Love your new cloths and coasters. x

Joansie said...

You do such a great job with your crocheting!!!