Kyra's Shawl, and hair cut :)

 Not too much progress to report on the Shawl. But there it is. :)
I am not following a pattern for this one. So hopefully it will turn out looking like a shawl.
Once I finish the length on it, I need to add a hood. I have the idea in my head how to do the hood. Just hope that when I actully work it out that it looks like what is pictured in my head. I will try and get the next pictures with Kyra in them. So everyone can see what it looks like wrapped on someone. :)
The Before shot.....
The after shot.. Finally was able to get Kyra in to see Jenna. And just in time since school pictures are tomorrow. Kyra has been anxious to get her hair cut. She has been wanting to have some bangs. Although in this picture it is a little hard to tell that she has them. Jenna only cut a side swipe of bangs;which is what Kyra wanted. And they blend into her hair also. It actully turned out really cute. :)
And here is a fun shot where you can actully see her bangs. :) She loves them

Have a great day everyone!


Ms. Diva said...

My daughter finally cut her hair after two years!! Love the bangs shot!!!

Clara said...

Kyra, you have beautiful, thick hair.
It looks a lot like my 22 yr. old daughter Erika's hair, but hers is exceptionally long at the moment. She has similar bangs.

Joansie said...

Love the haircut. It is so stylish!

Be sure to take notes of what you are doing as you crochet the shawl so you can maybe sell the pattern later on.