Back to School :)

 The kids were finally able to go back to school today. They were out all week last week due to snow and ice. Kyra was happy to go back and see her friends at school. Sean on the other hand, was not to thrilled. He has exams to make up now.

Mr Noah playing with his favorite toy.

Do you remember this one? I posted about it not to long ago. This is my Granny Ripple. I picked it back up to add a few rows on it. :)

This afghan isn't as wide as I normally do, so I think I will be adding an edging to it when I get finished. I am aiming for it to fit a twin sized bed.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Pink Flower said...

That is a brilliant pattern i've never seen a ripple made with granny squares - definitely gives it new life.

Clara said...

Very pretty. The colors really work well together.

You can post this and other projects such as your Ribbon Afghan on my new Crafty Links page.