Oh Wednesday!

Granny Ripple!

Just love this afghan! So easy to work up. About to be at the halfway point with this one now. Then to add an edging to it. :) I am using Red Heart yarn in Aran, Med Thyme, and Windsor Blue. I am making it 3 rows of Aran and then 5 rows each of Windsor Blue and Med Thyme.

Ribbon Afghan!
This one is also a lot of fun to make. :) Such an easy pattern. Once you have the first couple of rows done, its just a repeat the rest of the way through. I am not sure of all the names of the colors in this one. I am just using up a lot of my stash yarn for it.

I have another skein of a brown color, that I am considering adding to the mix in this one. I have two shades of brown in it now, and Aran. I have tons of skeins of Aran. So I guess I will be using that in a lot of my scrap along projects.

 I have not done any more work on the scarf I posted about earlier. I will get back to it again soon. :) Been really wanting to work on these two afghans.....

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Lenni said...

Very nice work! :D

Mindy said...

Love the color combos on both of these!

Marsha S said...

that is so pretty!
I notice your blog is today...I didn't put mine from today into the linky...just want to check back later and see if she's done her post for the day.

Regina said...

I love the granny ripple. The colors are great!!