So the plan was to atleast finish off one of the three projects I have been working on BEFORE starting another one..... Well...... That didn't happen. Something has come up and I am working on a new project. But... It is for a good reason. :)
 Above you can see a closer view of the project I am working on. It is a prayer shawl.
 We have a special event coming up at church next weekend. And we will be decorating in a winter theme.
So I am using Bernat Softee in Pale Blue and Baby Denim Marl. I am making it with two strands held together.

  And... To go along with the fact that I started a new project. I also had to buy a skein of yarn. LOL! I needed the pale blue to go with the Denim Marl I am using in this shawl.  I really didn't want to have to buy any more yarn. But this was needed to finish the project. Atleast it is going to get used up right away. :)

 Have a great Day Everyone!

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Kristine said...

So glad to know I'm not alone. Trying to finish up old projects and not buy any more new yarn is hard! Maybe we could start a support group. lol But you're right, it sounds like it's for a good cause.

Mindy said...

Very pretty!

Clara said...

I really like this pattern and the color you chose works really well. Also, thanks for sharing the pattern with us!