New Finished Project!!

Here it is!!! The Prayer shawl I posted about earlier. :) I finished it today.  Good thing, they need it Wednesday. YAY! It was a pretty simple pattern to work up.

Check out this tangled up mess. I need to somehow figure it out and get it all wond up so it can be used for another project.


Mindy said...

Oh my, what a tangled mess! Hope that sorts out quickly. ;-) Great work on the shawl!

Jennie said...

I love it when projects flow quickly off the hook! I had a mess like that to sort out the other day- not fun!!

Clara said...

The prayer shawl turned out beautifully. Love the color, it is such a nice shade. Oh I get frustrated with tangles every so often and you sure do have to wait for the right moment to tackle them.

Thanks for your latest entries on my crafty links page. They look great!