Ribbon Afghan Update!

Now that the Prayer Shawl is done, I was able to pick up the Ribbon afghan again. Yay! This one is so much fun with all of the colors. :) I have decided that I will just crochet all those ends in when I add the border to this afghan. The question is...... What color should the border be? Aran? White? Or should I add a black border? I really am not sure what I want to do. I was orignally thinking the Aran. But then I added some white into the stripes and thought it was really pretty. And the black would make all the colors stand out. BUT, would the black take away from the overall effect of colors in it now?

Here is a different angle to show you all the colors that are in the afghan. I did decide to add another color into it. I will be added another shade of brown to it today. :) Can't wait to see how it will look in there.

And this is a gift I received for Christmas. What a great gift it is. Loads of room to store my yarn and project. And there are a lot of pockets to put things into as well. :) Right now I have all the yarn for the Ribbon afghan in there. It fits in perfectly.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Kristine said...

I'm loving this afghan! But I'm having anxiety about tieing in those ends. lol Absolutely beautiful! (and I love your Christmas gift:)

Jennie said...

That is really gorgeous, Melissa! I vote for white around the edge, but I know whatever you decide will look awesome :)

Marsha S said...

I love your new storage!!
I love the afghan as well. The colors and design are very pretty.

I did my post this week, but I'm worried about Marie Anne as she's not posted to her blog at all for 2 weeks.

Clara said...

I would go with the aran or the white. I think black would be too bold since it is not in the colors of the afghan. This is really beautiful.