Still on a Snow Break

So we are still on an extended weekend here. The snow turned to freezing rain/drizzle on Monday night. So we woke up to an icy mess on Tuesday morning.  It started to melt  during the afternoon only to refreeze overnight. It looks to be melting out there today. So maybe, just maybe the kids can go back to school tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see. I certainly hope it melts soon... I would like to get out of the house again. :)

Here is the latest update on my Ribbon afghan. I am still enjoying this one. :) So many pretty colors in it allready. And if I find some more I like, I may add to it as I go along. I decided to add a few random rows of white in there to break up the colors. As for the rest of the colors, I don't really have a set pattern as to how I add them in. Just putting them in where I think they look nice. :)

 Hope everyone is having a good week so far.


Mindy said...

Very neat pattern for that afghan! Love it.

Marie Anne said...

What a neat pattern! Is it your own, or could you point me to where I might find it?

Melissa said...

Hey Marie Anne, This pattern is avaliable online. I posted the link a couple of posts back. :) It is called Ribbon Afghan. If you are on ravelry, do a search there and it should pull it up.