Still Snowy & Icy

Some of the Ice hanging off of our roof. It is melting this afternoon though. Hopfully we will have clear roads here realyl soon. Part of our road is still a sheet of ice. But I was able to get out today. Lucky for us, we have two entrances on our driveway. One goes to the part of the road that is still solid ice. The other entrance is mostly clear. Once I got off of our street, the roads to the store were fine.

Above are photos of my first pair of finished crocheted gloves. I found the pattern at Redheart.com
It was pretty  easy to follow. I made a few changes to them as I went along. And they are now heading to my Aunt in Michigan. :) Hopfully she likes them really well.

And here is the latest on the Ribbon afghan. I keep finding other colors to add in. So this one will end up being very colorful. For those that would like to find it. Here is the link to the pattern again. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


Real Life Reslers said...

I'm sure she'll love the gloves! The afghan is looking great too!

Clara said...

The gloves are really great. The afghan is lovely. Thanks for your kind words on my blog!

Joansie said...

I'm very impressed with those gloves. I have never knitted a pair. Yes, I know yours are crocheted and I wouldn't even attempt that.