Some of my projects

I am not always working on afghans. LOL!

Here is one of my newest dishcloths. I used one strand of 100% WW cotton in white and one strand of crochet thread in Orchird pink to make the above dishcloth. I added the thread hoping that it would give them better scrubbing power. :)

Here is another one using the same pattern. The only difference is that I used a Frosty green thread instead of the pink. On these dishcloths I also included a loop so that they could be hung up.

This is a prayer shawl that I am working on. I am using Bernat Kashmere in Pink for this one. I really love that yarn and wish that they still made it. It is super soft.


mommaof3 said...

those are pretty

Jennie said...

Oh what a beautiful shade of pink that shawl is!!

Clara said...

I'm always pleased with Bernat. The shawl looks really nice.