Finished Some more dishcloths

 I finished some more dishcloths.  This is my 2nd set with cotton and thread together. I wanted to give them a more finished looking edge. I am much happier with them now. You can get the pattern for them here. I am working on another dishcloth using white cotton and burgandy thread. Looks interesting. LOL! I wish I could find a size 10 thread in yellow here. But so far no luck. :( 
  I don't have any new pictures of the Blended Scraps Ripple right now. But I have started the next section. I am doing reds now. :) Hopfully will have a new picture to share later this week.


Clara said...

I like this pattern and the colors are so pretty. I never thought to try thread with them. It would make them stronger I would guess.

CrochetBlogger said...

I agree that the finished edge is a good idea.

Mindy said...

I never thought of combining the yarn and thread. Now I have to try it!