Just a Rainy Saturday

The latest update on my Blended Scraps Ripple Afghan. I just finished adding the reds. :)
This afghan is almost done. YAY!!

Here is something completly new to me. The above project is freeform crochet. There is a group on Ravelry that is doing this. Each day we get a new set of instructions to follow. And each day is also done by a different person. Has been fun so far. And ?I have no idea what the final outcome will be on this project...

Today was softball tryouts for Kyra. :) We should get a call sometime tomorrow to let us know which team she will be on. We are looking forward to softball season starting up again. :)


CrochetBlogger said...

The freeform crochet looks like it could be a lot of fun!

Clara said...

I grew up taking lessons of every kind and with rules of every kind. I now spend my time avoiding them all so one day I will give the free form a go!

The blanket colors are so vivid...beautiful.

Caroline said...

That afghan is going to be awesome!