Stormy Friday

We had a pretty bad storm blow through last night. Ended up with us sitting in the hallway for awhile, away from all the windows.  Fortunately it passed by and we are all ok here. And today; it is storming all over again. All though so far just a normal thunderstorm. Nothing severe yet. Hoping with all this stormy weather we don't lose anymore trees. Was  really sad when the apple tree came down awhile ago. But we are glad to see that it is attempting to come back.

So with all the rain coming down outside...... I am working on this. A cute little baby dress. Sorry about the picture, but it is rather dark outside. It seems to be a really easy dress to make. I found the pattern on Ravelry. You can find the pattern here . This one is coming out bigger than I had hoped. So I think I will be making another one after this one is done. But I will be using a baby yarn instead. The pattern called for WW, aran or bulky and H or I hook. So, I think I will use an F or a G hook with the baby yarn. :)

This is a set of flower dishcloths I made a little while ago. They were super fast. :)  The pattern for this was one of those free tear off sheats at Micheals.

Hope everyone is having a great day :)


Joansie said...

That little baby dress is just absolutely adorable!

Hazel said...

Adorable baby dress. I wish my little girl was a baby again now so I could make her one lol. Nice cloths too. x