Back to School

It's that time again! The kids are back to school. Today was their first day.
Kyra is a Freshman this year and Sean is a Junior. I can't believe that Kyra is starting High School.
Will be a busy year for both of them. Sean needs to work on scholarships this year.
And Kyra wants to join a couple of clubs at school. (Art club and the Pep club)
Then there will be softball coming up. I think I will be running around a lot......

Here is my latest project I am working on. It will be a solid purple afghan. I had a request from someone to make this one. :) I just love this purple color that she picked out.

And here is a project I finished  awhile ago. :) Some old fashioned potholders. I used up some of my scrap cotton to make these ones up.  I have plans to make more when I have enough scraps and time.

I hope that everyone had a great summer! I know that ours was busy with many different activities happening.


Mindy said...

LOVE that gorgeous purple!

Joansie said...

Love those potholders! The kids are really growing! Good-looking kids!