Crazy weather and more

Can you believe it was 80 degrees out here today? I can't believe it. It is December and we can wear shorts right now. I am not complaining though. I sure don't miss all the snow we used to get when we lived in Michigan. The warm weather is also helping us to save money on the heating bill. :) That is a nice break for this time of year.

My truck has been fixed. It wasn't expensive at all. We just needed to replace all the cables to the battery. So it worked out ok for us.

I went to do some Christmas shopping today. On the way there someone rear ended me. We were at a stop light and he didn't stop soon enough. Lucky for us, there was no damage done to either vehicles. And I am ok. It scared me when it happened. But all is well, and I still went to do my shopping. I now have most of our Christmas shopping done. A few more things to buy and then I get to wrap it all up.

We went to the Christmas parade here this weekend. That was a lot of fun. We also went to a christmas party for my daughter. She was able to sit on Snata's lap.She also made a really cute Gingerbread house.

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I havn't done much crochet this weekend. We were really busy running around. The boys had a Christmas party on Friday night to go too. My husband came home on Sat and we all spent as much time with him as we could. He had to leave after church on Sunday. So it was a really short trip home this time.

Hope all is well with everyone else. :)

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