Seans Ripple

I havn't gotten too much more done on this one. We have had so much going on with different church activities. I think I will double the length of where it is now and call it done.

Tonight we went to look at Christmas lights and took all the kiddies(12 and under) to CiCi's pizza. Phew!!!!! That was a lot of children. But it was a lot of fun. Most of the childrens parents came as well.

We hit another record again today. It was 79 out. Tomorrow we are suppose to hit 75. Then by Sat we are suppose to drop to the upper 40's. Huge difference from the 80's. But with it getting closer to Christmas I keep hoping for a little bit of snow. We only had snow one time last year.


Cami said...

Your blanket is coming along nicely. I really like it. I'm jealous about the lovely weather you are having. It has been so cold here (UT) that I haven't been able to get into my car in the morning, just frozen shut. We are thinking of moving to NC or GA sometime next year and I am so excited to have nice weather for a change.

CraftyAshley said...

Your Ripple is looking good. Will be back to see your finished project.