Baby Sweater Progress, and Peaches Pouches

I am still working on the baby sweater. I am almost halfway done with it. I am at the part now where it starts to ripple.
I am also working on some more pouches for Amy. Here is a picture of the ones I finished up the other day.


ThePeachTree said...

The ouches look so sweet!! So does the little sweater :) Can't wait to see the whole set done. You too I bet!

Joansie said...

The baby sweater reminds me of chocolate and strawberry ice cream and who doesn't love that!!! Looking forward to seeing pics of the completed project and a baby wearing it!

Jill L said...

can't wait to see the sweater. love the colorway

Julia said...

I think Amy meant "pouches." LOL :) I think the baby sweater is lovely! Neapolitan delight :)

ThePeachTree said...

Yeah, Julia, I can speak for myself! And I stick with "ouches", yes I do.