A few projects

Baby sweater sleeve

Here is a closer view of the sleeve. I havn't worked on this one at all today. But I did have a request for a closer view. :)

Colorful creature

Here is the start of a new Creature. This one will be very colorful. I am using a color called Pogo.
I will post more pictures of this one later.

Blue Lacy Scarf
And finally here is another Lacy Scarf. This one is about halfway done now. I am using Bernat Kashmere in medium blue for this one.
I have a few other projects that I am working on, but no pictures of them right now. I am still working on Jareds ripple, and a new round ripple. I am trying to use up some more of my scraps on the round ripple I am doing. I will post pictures of both of those later.


Athena said...

love your lacy scarf..... how thick is ur yarn??

Joansie said...

Just absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the close-up on the sleeve. It is as pretty as I thought it was from afar.

ThePeachTree said...

Your stitching on that baby sweeter is unbelievable! I love how it layers upon itself :)

And that SCARF!!!! My absolute favorite shade!!

Lea said...

Just popping in before I go back to nap ( again) and say Happy Birthday!!!