Back to school shopping

 We got up and hit the road earlier this morning. It is tax free weekend here in the Carolinas.... So we did our back to school shopping. We went to the Outlet Mall in SC. They had some really great deals as well as Tax free.
 We went to Skechers to get some new shoes, which were on sale. Buy one pair, get second pair half off.  We actully ended up with 3 pairs. Kyra found 2 cute pairs of Tennis shoes for 20.00 each.
Sean found one pair that he really liked.
 We went to Aeropostale which is Kyra's favorite store. There she found a some nice jeans that were normally 40.00, but were on sale for 50% off. And then she found the shirts. LOL! They had a lot of shirts on sale for 8.99. So she was very pleased with her finds there. :) Sean on the other hand only found one outfit there that he really liked. He grabbed a nice tshirt and a long sleeve button down shirt to go with it. And he grabbed some jeans that he liked. Sean still had money left to spend so we went to Rue 21 where he found some nice tshirts.  So, the kids had a great time picking out there school cloths..And are ready to  go back to school. Although we still have 2 weeks before it actully starts. Even though we did find some really great deals there, we still have more things to get. But that will have to wait untill school actully starts. We need to get the real "School supply lists". I allready picked up a bunch of things I know they will need. But hopfully there isn't too much more that will be on the lists.

The baby afghan is still not done. But I am getting closer. I am just past the halfway point on the main part of the afghan. Then I will add the border. I am still deciding on the ribbon to add in the edging. Since it is for a baby boy..... I am considering a blue,yellow, green or brown ribbon. For those of you on Ravelry here is the link to the afghan I am working on. And here is the link for those that are not on Ravelry.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)


mommaof3 said...

I didnt know you lives in SC I live in SC too

Posy Linda said...

Don't you just love a good deal? I know I do. Here is FL were having similar tax free days. Thank heaven. Enjoy your Sunday!

Joansie said...

We didn't have a tax-free weekend this year. Last year it coincided with my birthday so it was wonderful. However, our governor is not running for reelection so he doesn't much care at this point.

Posy Linda said...

Hey Melissa, you are a sweetheart. Thanks for your comment. I hope you get the rain you all need up there. Today we are expecting more rain. Thanks again!