Progress :)

No, I am still not done with the baby afghan. But I have made some progress on it. I only need another dozen or so rows. Then I will put on the border. I still have not decided on a color for the ribbon.

 I love this color. :) It is Ivory. I hope the parents will also love it.

Here is one final picture to show you of the baby afghan. :)

This is another afghan I had been working on. Although this one is allready finished. It is just a medium sized Granny square style afghan.

I used an acrylic yarn in an off white, dusty rose and dusty blue.

Here is one last picture to share with you of this afghan. :) I will take a full size picture later.

Have a wonderful day everyone :)


Jennie said...

I love the ivory- it is just beautiful. I look forward to seeing the final product- the end is in sight!

Joansie said...

I think you have till the 22nd to finish the blanket, right? You'll be able to meet that goal. As for the 2nd blanket, I crocheted a ripple afghan in the same colorways many years ago. I love yours.

Posy Linda said...

Hi Melissa, both blankets are beauties. I'm sure the parents will love the baby blanket. Its too pretty not to enjoy.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your crocheting is beautiful. I adore that shade of ivory, perfectly pretty!
Have a happy happy crocheting Thursday, Melissa. xx