Softball, new project?

Yay! Softball has started again.  The picture above was from Warm ups.
Benny, as always was picking on Kyra. LOL!

First time putting on the catching gear.

This picture is a little weird. Not sure if you can really see her big grin. Kyra was very excited about being the catcher.

A few more photos from practice. There first game is Monday night. Should be fun. :)
This year her team name is Ironton Animal Hospital. They will have red uniforms again.
Last spring she wore red also. :) Her coach this year is new to the Pony Tail League.

And here it is the yarn for the next project. LOL! I have been thinking about Fall and put all these colors together to make another afghan. Although, I am thinkign I may change that blue out for a teal instead.
I have not started on this project yet. I need to finish up a couple others first.
 Kyra's shawl is coming along and I will have a new picture soon to share.

Have a great day everyone :)


Joansie said...

All that yarn and colors....wow! Enjoy the softball!

Clara said...

So much fun! Your colors are going to be great together.

Marie Anne said...

Fun colors!

Be sure to head on over to my blog. A little chickie told me you've got an award waiting there.